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It's your homeownership journey, own it.

Never lose critical property records. Receive expert advice on repairs and more, all in seconds. Start with Kataba.

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of homeowners reported feeling overwhelmed, confused, or stressed about maintaining their homes

Why Choose Kataba?

Reduces Stress and Confusion by Organizing Home Records

Financial Insights for Better Repair Decisions

Quick Answers, Checklists, and Tips to Reduce Anxiety

Kataba Screenshots. Front screenshot is of the dashboard. Left Rear Screenshot is of Kataba's AI, Oya. Right Rear Screenshot is of Kataba's Repair LejaBlox

Kataba empowers you to control your home, not the other way around.

Secure your home's future with Kataba

Know your home inside and out, no matter if you currently own or looking to buy. Get peace of mind with Kataba's complete property transparency.

Get Organized:
Start feeling organized in minutes. 

Rest easy knowing your crucial documents are organized, protected, and easily accessible via Kataba's lejablox™.

Stay Informed: 
Make Informed Decisions With Oya

Snap a pic, ask Oya. Get instant answers about repairs, no matter where you are in your homeownership journey.

Be Prepared:

Find Any Home Record, Fast

Store deeds, permits, warranties, repairs, and more with Kataba's secure digital ledger.

Set your price. Unlock the power of Kataba. It's that simple.


Choose your subscription price—whether it's $10, $15, or more—pay what makes sense for you.

*Kataba MyPay:  A minimum of $7 a month is required for subscription.

  • What is Kataba?
    Kataba is an app that helps you organize and manage all your home documents in one place. Kataba can store your home property and repair records, such as deeds, permits, warranties, and inspection reports. It also provides advice and insights on home repairs and maintenance through an AI assistant named Oya. Oya can even give you estimates on repair costs, making homeownership simpler and more transparent.
  • Can I use Kataba as a first-time homebuyer?
    Yes, Kataba is ideal for first-time homebuyers. Use Kataba Notes to track and take notes on properties you visit. Oya can identify repair concerns and provide real-time cost estimates. You can also upload and save documents like realtor contracts, pre-approval letters, and inspection reports.
  • Does Kataba offer a free trial?
    No, we don't offer a free trial, but we provide one additional month free with a monthly subscription. We also offer 20% off annual plans, and you can cancel either plan at anytime.
  • If I can choose my price with MyPay, why can't I pay nothing?
    If it were up to the founders of Kataba, the service would be 100% free. However, technology applications come with costs. To provide an ad-free, full-featured experience, we require a minimum payment of $7. This ensures we can offer a valuable platform without annoying ads or stripped-down features. We hope homeowners will see the value and contribute more, while still being mindful of their budgets.
  • What is Zanago?
    Zanago is a technology company focused on creating responsible, inclusive, and sustainable products to promote equitable outcomes. It is the parent company of Kataba.
  • Why do I need Kataba?
    Why not have a digital ledger? Instead of juggling property documents between paper, carbon receipts, emails, and your local county recorder of deeds, you can have everything you need at your fingertips. It's all about easy access and staying organized. With Kataba, important documents and valuable insights are always just a tap away!

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