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Our story

Created by homeowners, for homeowners.


The Dream Turns Sour starting with this major leak...Cost: $2,500 

Imagine this: You finally find it. The perfect home. A charming, renovated beauty that whispers possibilities. Inspections done, paperwork signed, you're ready to settle in and make memories.


But then, wham!


Our dream of a "newly remodeled home" quickly turned into a nightmare. Within six months, a relentless wave of hidden problems emerged, shattering our sense of security. Despite the seller's disclosure, we were drowning in over $10,000 of debt just trying to fix these issues.


The financial burden continues to this day, and some of the initial problems have gotten worse.

(Sound familiar?)

We've been there. That's exactly what happened to us, just like countless other homeowners. We felt blindsided, frustrated, and frankly, a little angry. Shouldn't buying a home be exciting, not terrifying?

Disclosures are supposed to protect you, but what happens when they don't? The truth is, after closing, that leaky faucet or faulty wiring becomes your burden. Sure, legal recourse might exist, but suing a seller can be a costly and stressful battle, with the burden of proof heavily stacked against the buyer.

This wasn't the dream homeownership experience we expected, and it wasn't our first time facing challenges. Our documentary, "Surviving For Closure," dives deeper into our story.

We learned valuable lessons the hard way during our two attempts at homeownership. We realized that navigating the complexities of buying and owning a home required better resources for everyday homeowners. That's what fueled our creation of Kataba.

Whether you're a first-time buyer or a seasoned homeowner, Kataba empowers you with the knowledge to make smarter decisions about your investment.

Ditch the crossed fingers and blind hope! Kataba empowers you to make informed decisions about your home. This protects your investment and keeps your mind at ease.

Beyond the initial purchase, staying organized with your property records goes a long way. These records become crucial for refinancing, dealing with insurance companies, and even potentially reducing your county tax assessment. (Just ask us about the time we fought a 217% increase down to 15%!)

Kataba isn't just a business; it's a personal mission. We know the emotional toll of unexpected repairs. We understand the importance of staying organized and being able to quickly access your most important property records, protecting you in times of need.

We want your homeownership journey to be filled with joy, not heartbreak like ours. That’s why we’re here: to empower you to confidently manage and enjoy your home.

We envision a community of homeowners where transparency, fairness, and protecting your most valuable asset – your family home – are top priorities.


Join us in building this vision!

Our dream home




Louis and Arlene Byrd, Founders of Kataba with their sons, Quinn and Zailand

Your Kataba neighbors, The Byrd Family

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