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Use Cases

Wondering if Kataba's right for you? 

Here's the scoop on how your fellow homeowners are using Kataba to level up their homeownership game:

use case:

New Homeowner.


Seamless Move-In:

Keyonna, a first-time homeowner, uses Kataba to organize all the documents from her closing, ensuring she has easy access to warranties and inspection reports.


She also sets up reminders for future maintenance tasks.

Understanding Home Systems

Mike, who's never owned a home before, uses Kataba to learn about his HVAC system and how to maintain it properly, avoiding costly breakdowns.


DIY Projects with Confidence:

Tori uses Kataba's "Ask Oya" feature to get advice on choosing the right paint color for her bedroom and completing a simple backsplash project in her kitchen.

use case:

Experienced Homeowner.

iStock-sophiegabby (1).jpg

Tackling a Major Renovation:

Sophie and Gabby, planning a home remodel, use Kataba to store estimates from contractors, track their project timeline, and keep all receipts and invoices organized for tax purposes.

Addressing an Unexpected Issue:

When a leak appears in their basement, Miguel uses Kataba to document the problem with photos, get advice from Oya on potential causes, and use the information to vet plumbers in their area.


Selling their Home*:

Preparing to sell their house, the Smiths use Kataba to create a comprehensive report showcasing their home's maintenance history and improvements, increasing transparency for potential buyers.

*This capability is in development and will be released soon.

use case:

Unexpected Situations


Insurance Claim:

After a storm damages their roof, the Jones family relies on Kataba to access their insurance policy details, track communication with their insurance company, and document repair costs.

Home Warranty Dispute:

When the refrigerator breaks, Don uses Kataba's warranty records to quickly file a claim and resolve the issue with the appliance manufacturer.


This is Homeownership, Simplified...

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